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  • Why Kitchen Cabinets Don't Go to the Ceiling

    Kitchen cabinets are a necessary part of any kitchen and are available in various styles, colors and finishes. However, one thing often overlooked when choosing cabinets is the height of the cabinets. Most cabinets only go up to a certain height, which is usually for a good reason. Here are a few reasons why cabinets don't go to the ceiling

    Posted on October 09 2022

  • Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Light Or Dark In Comparison To The Walls?

    Choosing the paint colors for a new house is a fun part of the planning process. In contemporary kitchen design, choosing the perfect colors for your cabinets may do more than make your area appear nicer to the eye. Many folks aren't sure whether they should go with dark or light cabinetry. The color you choose should keep the feeling of coziness while also improving the aesthetics and, of course, the desired result

    Posted on September 09 2022

  • Kitchen Cabinets focus on Functionality

    The kitchen is where many rule their roost. Its the activity center because its where warm family memories are made, where busy sounds echo from and where the family gather for meals. For all that is done within its confines, special attention to make it more functional can make it easier to navigate, provide better organization for cooking and serving meals, and provide more storage space. You don't need to turn a blind eye to beauty to increase your kitchen's functionality.

    Posted on August 18 2021

  • Color is the Key to 2021 Cabinets

    2021 is seeing a rush of new homes built and renovations at an all-time high. And, why not? We're spending more time than ever in our homes and should enjoy the look and energy they emit. Cabinets, believe it or not, are a major part of renovations as well as decorating for new homes. So, as an interested party, you may be wondering what 2021 trends are bound to be hot in the coming year

    Posted on July 19 2021

  • 5 Things Not to Overlook When Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Color

    You're going to be remodeling your kitchen, and there's a lot to think about. One thing is the kitchen cabinet colors. If you're at this stage, it's important to avoid the following mistakes as you consider your choices

    Posted on May 29 2021

  • Cabinet Demand on the Rise

    The demand for Kitchen Cabinets has been increasing over recent years as modern designs and customer preferences change. A recent study on cabinets by the Freedonia Group indicates that Kitchen Cabinets demand is set to rise tremendously to over 17 billion USD by 2023, with demand for units reaching over 100 million.

    Posted on January 11 2021

  • What Can You Do With All That Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets?

    Everyone knows about the space above the kitchen cabinets. That space doesn't look right, but you also don't know what to do about it. The following are a few ideas you might want to consider if that space bothers you.

    Posted on August 31 2020