You're going to be remodeling your kitchen, and there's a lot to think about. One thing is the kitchen cabinet colors. If you're at this stage, it's important to avoid the following mistakes as you consider your choices.

1. Following Trends

The first thing you want to avoid is following trends. A trend usually lasts for about five years. This isn't to say that some trends haven't stood the test of time, but most of them become dated in a few years. Homeowners don't remodel their kitchens that often. This is usually done every 15 years. You want to stay away from trends, and stick to what you like or something a little more traditional if you don't want your kitchen to look dated too quickly.

2. Airiness is Versatile

Most people want their kitchen to have an airiness to it. This leads them to the color white, but it's important to remember that white isn't the only color available to you. The truth is that you can get this airy feeling from several light colors, like eggshell, light blue, light green, or light yellow, just to name a few. A hint of color should be good enough to give your kitchen cabinets an off-white appearance that's a little unique but still airy. Talk to the color expert to see all the colors available to you.

3. Two-Tone Openness

A lot of folks tell you to try the two-tone approach, but this is misunderstood. Just because you're choosing to mix two tones doesn't mean you can only choose between two colors. You could also mix materials. For example, you can use wood for the frame of your cabinets and something more modern for the cabinet doors, like glass cabinet doors, metal, or aluminum doors. Sure, it may sound a little strange now, but mixing materials can make your kitchen look exciting. You probably want to look at a few pictures of these blends before making a decision.

4. No Matching

You shouldn't match any existing colors. Some folks try to match the new cabinets to other colors in the kitchen. This is a mistake because the chances that your new color will match are low. Even if you find the same paint brand, the company already updated that color, and it's going to look different. You'll be able to see that small difference and everyone else will, too. This will make the mistake obvious to everyone, and you don't want that. Just go for something completely different so that it feels like you made this decision on purpose.

5. Durability Matters

Make sure you pay attention to durability. Sunlight is going to hit your kitchen at all times, and some areas will be hit more than others. For example, if the sun hits the top cabinet area more than the bottom, then the colors on top will fade quicker. Given enough time, the section on top will look different from the bottom. You'll want to find out how resistant each paint is to the sun before you make your decision. You might also want to find out which materials last longer against sun exposure.

These are the kinds of things you don't want to overlook when choosing cabinet colors for your kitchen. Talk to your interior designer if you have some additional questions.