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  • Why Kitchen Cabinets Don't Go to the Ceiling

    Kitchen cabinets are a necessary part of any kitchen and are available in various styles, colors and finishes. However, one thing often overlooked when choosing cabinets is the height of the cabinets. Most cabinets only go up to a certain height, which is usually for a good reason. Here are a few reasons why cabinets don't go to the ceiling

    Posted on October 09 2022

  • Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

    The kitchen is arguably the heart of your home, so spending on its outlook is always a good idea. Ideally, the expense of replacing kitchen cabinets depends on different factors, such as the cost of materials and labor. Other factors include the type of design and theme chosen. However, your kitchen structure decides the kind of design. For instance, cabinets feature in the overall space in an open-plan environment. A professional interior designer can help you decide on the type, style, and configuration of what suits best the existing cabinets.

    Posted on March 08 2022

  • Experience Leads to Luxury Kitchens

    Luxury kitchens are more than total expenses. According to a study released by the National Kitchens & Bath Association, clients desire to experience. A luxury-kitchen incorporates original designs, flawless functions, authentic and personal experience. The difference between high-end and luxury kitchens is understanding what luxury clients want and how stylists attract them

    Posted on November 17 2021

  • Kitchen Cabinets focus on Functionality

    The kitchen is where many rule their roost. Its the activity center because its where warm family memories are made, where busy sounds echo from and where the family gather for meals. For all that is done within its confines, special attention to make it more functional can make it easier to navigate, provide better organization for cooking and serving meals, and provide more storage space. You don't need to turn a blind eye to beauty to increase your kitchen's functionality.

    Posted on August 18 2021