Everyone knows about the space above the kitchen cabinets. That space doesn't look right, but you also don't know what to do about it. The following are a few ideas you might want to consider if that space bothers you.

Kitchen Gadget Overflow

Most people accumulate kitchen tools over the years. At some point, a person can end having too many items. If you are in this situation, storage becomes vital. You could put these items in the space.

If you are going to do this, keep in mind that you have to organize this area well. Think about what appliances would look good together and which wouldn't. In essence, you want this area to look styled even if you are only placing everyday kitchen items up there.

Hidden Storage Space

Sometimes, you need don't need space for extra kitchen tools but a place to store paper towels or other similar items. The problem is storing these types of items in plain sight is not going to be too appealing.

If you want to store items you don't want others to see, then the solution is baskets. Make sure you choose baskets that complement the color of your kitchen cabinets and the overall style of your kitchen. It'll be easy to store items in these baskets and should still look good up there.

Space for Food

Maybe you want to hide some food items. You can definitely store food in baskets, but it's not practical since most people want to know what they have at all times. It's easier to figure out what to eat.

It's also easier to remember what you need to add to your shopping list. You can just leave everything up there out of order, but the best way to store food items is to create a system. You can use glass containers to store some food items, and you can use wire bins for other food items. This way you always know what you have, and it looks good up there.

Trustworthy Plants

The next thing you can do with that space is place some plants there. Ideally, you want plants that hang rather than grow tall since your space is limited. You have to make sure you get plants that don't require much sunlight or care because going up there all the time can be tiring.

Of course, you could simply purchase fake plants as long as you get good quality fake plants. You really want to sell the illusion that you have beautiful growing plants in this space above your cabinets. Pay attention to the color, the quality of each leaf, and the way each leaf falls.

These are just some things you can do with that space above the cabinets. Be creative with your choice and consider how things will look with the rest of your kitchen.