We're all about going green these days, and our kitchen cabinets are no exception.

One of the hottest trends for 2020 is ktchen cabinets made from reclaimed wood. Ikea's Kungsbacka line is made from recycled wood and PET bottles for an earth-friendly modern look. And then there are Ikea's cabinets made completely from recycled plastic bottles and from bamboo.

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, the cabinets are the heart of the kitchen. They're the most noticeable when you go into the room, and they store the food that nourishes our bodies and souls. Even a simple upgrade to the cabinets will give your kitchen a whole new look. 

Here are six more ktchen cabinet trends to watch in 2020.

1. Colors
White kitchens will probably be around for a long time. But designers are also using blues and grays and even black for ktchen cabinets now. Jewel tones are also popular, and so are two-tone cabinets. Think about black cabinets in white frames or blue top cabinets with white ones underneath.

2. Glass Doors
Also trending now are kitchen cabinets with clear or frosted glass doors. They look great and make things easy to find.

3. Or No Doors At all
Open shelving is gaining in popularity, too. Take the doors off some of your cabinets to display your dishes and glassware and make them easier to reach. 

4. Surfaces
Matte finishes are still more popular than glossy. And designers love wood grain, especially walnut, ash and oak. Pecky cypress is catching their eye, too. Its long, narrow burrows give it a grainy texture.

While you're thinking about surfaces, don't forget to consider glass.

5. Hardware
The latest trend is to minimize cabinet knobs and hardware or get rid of it completely. Cutouts, touch and release doors and doors that just pull open are replacing knobs.

If you really want something to pull that door or drawer open, consider matte handles, rings, rough-cut crystals or pull tags. 

6. Deep Drawers
Deep drawers continue to replace lower cabinets as roomy, easy-to-reach storage for everything from canned and boxed food to pots and pans and seldom-used appliances like slow cookers. 

Trends For The Rest Of Your Kitchen.  Look beyond the cabinets to the rest of your kitchen.

  • Smudgy, hard-to-clean stainless steel has had its day. If you're replacing your appliances, think about black. Manufacturers are making appliances in other colors, too, like mint green, powder blue and red. 
  • Granite's also on the way out. For your new countertops, consider engineered quartz or marble. 
  • White ceilings are so yesteryear. Wallpaper yours or paint it a vibrant color. 
  • Range hoods aren't out, but they're going undercover. Some are flush against the cabinets and hidden behind doors. Or dress yours up with copper sheeting with coordinating rivets and straps.
  • Kitchen islands are a trend that may never go away. But they're no longer just for extra workspace. Most popular now are islands with cabinets and drawers for storage and seating so the family can gather around for a chat or quick meal.

Complete kitchen remodels can cost thousands of dollars. But embracing just one trend, like two-tone kitchen cabinets, can give new life to the most used room in your home.