If you don't organize your kitchen storage spaces, your kitchen won't only look disorganized; it'll be harder to find anything. The good thing is that organizing your cabinets isn't as hard as you might imagine. Yes, getting started is going to be challenging because it will take some work, but after it's done, you'll fall in love with your kitchen again.

What do You Need to Organize?

The first thing you need to do is accept that you're going to make a mess while doing this. This happens because you're going to have to remove everything before you start.

The next thing you need is a good plan. Having a detailed idea of where everything goes should help move things along. The third thing you need are a few good storage ideas. With the right storage solutions, everything else is going to fall into place.

The Right Way to Start

Firstly, you want to clean your cabinets thoroughly. You probably won't have a chance to deep clean like this for a while, so it's best to do it now.

The second thing you want to do is a thorough investigation of everything you kept in your cabinets. Any gadget or food stuff you don't use should be donated or thrown away if necessary. Be honest with yourself. If it's been years and you still haven't used that particular gadget, you probably won't.

Make sure you start this project when you have the time. Cook food before you start so that all you have to do is reheat food items, or make plans to order in.

It's important to identify the items you use often versus the items you don't. Your tableware, glasses, and flatware are things you use often, so you should have easy access to those things. Bakeware and other items you don't use often can go in the back of your cabinet or in the lower cabinets. No one wants to bend down often while they cook.

Using the Right Storage Solutions

The next thing you want to consider is your storage solutions. The following are examples of some the best options:

Clear Containers

Get a set of clear containers where you can store everything, from pastas to cereals. The reason you're doing this is because everything you purchase from a store comes in strange packages and nothing matches, so it's hard to organize items. If you take everything out of their original packaging, it's easier to organize things, and it looks better. Keep in mind that storage food containers prevent pest infestations.

Using Inserts

Another thing you can do is invest in shelf inserts. These can be any style you want, but the goal is still the same: create more space. You'll want to make sure the inserts fit in your cupboard and cabinets, but this should make it easier to organize your food items. It'll look better and probably a bit more stylish. If you've got a lot of food items that are tall, consider splitting the cabinet using a vertical insert to keep those tall things on one side of the cabinet.

Choosing Hooks

Hooks are great because they give you a fun way to create more storage. You could use the hooks to put measuring spoons or kitchen towels inside your cabinet. You could also place large ladles there or whatever else you want. You could also use these hooks to place small baskets. After that, fill those baskets up with extra things you couldn't find a place for but need quick access to. It's a creative way to store your food stuff, and it can look adorable.

Spinning Organizers

Spinning organizers or lazy Susan's are usually used for spices. They can give your a lot more space since you won't have to place your spices in a cabinet. Your spices will be accessible to you since they'll always be out. Some folks use these storage solutions for other things, like to store oils or condiments, so it's really up to you how you'll choose to use them, but they give you more cabinet space.

Pot Racks

Create more space in your kitchen using pot racks. Imagine having access to your pots and pans at all times. No need to bend down to get them or anything; just reach out and grab what you need. That's definitely a solution worth considering. Installing racks is the only thing folks are concerned about, but it's relatively easy and can make life in your kitchen easier.

Hopefully, this information helps you organize your kitchen better.