If you’re struggling with limited square footage in your kitchen, you need solutions on how to navigate your counter and pantry spaces. Many people want their kitchen functional, yet they’re not ready to compromise on the style. Organizing a home gives individuals some level of serenity, impacting positive feelings within the environment.

Having a small space to work with, does not mean it has to be cluttered. You don’t need an enormous space to maintain your style and keep it tidy. You can incorporate elegance into your limited space and still maintain an organized space. Here are some clever ways of organizing a limited square footage:

• Assess your movement in the kitchen
Moving around in a limited space can be daunting if you’re not organized. You need to assess how you move in the kitchen, to know where to store specific items. Think of your movements, from preparing food, cooking, cleaning the dishes, and performing other activities that you may require.

Once you identify your movements, it becomes easier to organize your storage. As a result, you can easily access your equipment on a need basis. You do not have to worry about how you will gravitate when cutting your vegetables since the chopping boards and everything else needed, will be within arm’s reach.

Utilize wall space for storage
Finding ample storage space in a small house is a challenge for many. The best way to cope with limited square footage in your home is to maximize the wall space. Increase your storage capacity by taking it up. Utilize your wall space by adding shelves, racks, and magnetic holders.

Maximizing your wall space upwards helps you combine style and limited space for the best outcome. Displaying your household metal tools on a magnetic stripe makes it look stylish and organized. Similarly, you end up freeing your cabinet space for other items that cannot be hanged.

Add layers to countertops and drawers
Adding layers to your countertops and drawers is one of the oldest storage hacks you can implement in your small space. Layered shelving allows you to store more household items in an organized manner. You can spice up your cabinets with items like the spice rack to store your spices in a limited space.

You can also introduce racks in your cabinets and drawers to increase your storage space by allowing you to store items like pans and baking sheets vertically. Take advantage of cutlery organizers to further free up space in your layered countertops and drawers.

Final thoughts
You may have an enormous space in your home, but without proper organization skills, it may still be cluttered. Keeping your house clean and organized, is not a matter of how big or small it is. The secret lies in the different organization hacks you can apply in limited spaces. A few tricks here and there can help you free up so much space in your small kitchen to allow you to move freely and easily access items.