Whether you rent a modest apartment or own a house, chances are you've considered renovating your kitchen. It's where you make all your meals, entertain family and friends, and, in today's world, may even serve as a makeshift office for those who work from home. However, before you begin planning kitchenette renovations for 2022, it's worth researching the hottest kitchen decorating trends right now. Here are some of the hottest new kitchenette trends to inspire your next cooking area to remodel.


Glass dividers in the kitchenette are becoming more popular. We've learned to appreciate the privilege of being able to close the door and escape the house's soundtrack after years of pulling down walls to construct vast open-plan areas. A glass barrier can divide rooms while maintaining the light and a sense of togetherness. It also helps to keep odors in the kitchenette under control.

Several or larger kitchenette islands

Kitchenette islands are often multifunctional, acting as prep areas, eating countertops, and breakfast bars. Islands can also be used as impromptu workstations and meeting tables for those who work from home. Extra islands provide people with different areas to prepare and enjoy their meals. Furthermore, kitchen islands have become larger as homeowners use the extra room to cook, bake, and work from home. Other folks have added cabinets with closed doors to the space beneath the counter for extra storage.

High-Tech Appliances

More homes are allegedly adding new cooking appliances with high-tech capabilities, such as wireless and smartphone-controlled appliances. You can now regulate the oven temperature and cooking time from your phone without getting out of your chair. The next time you're at the food store and can't remember what you want to buy, use an app to look inside your fridge.

Retro-styled Antique Furniture

An antique table is an excellent option to incorporate an island into your kitchenette without undertaking extensive renovations. Additionally, vintage furniture can operate in kitchens that lack the capacity for a full-size island due to its unusual dimensions. Another advantage of vintage furniture is that it gives an unexpected element of aesthetic interest and serves as a focal point of conversation. It will appear less visually heavy compared to a standard built-in island while providing additional prep and seating areas.


Living in a small place allows for even more cooking area inventiveness. Increase the sense of space by combining cooking, dining, and lounging in one magnificent, light-filled area. Its arrangement is adaptable, effortlessly transitioning from kitchenette to dining room to living area. The kitchen area is concealed as much as possible, using door panels that resemble decorative wall finishes. All doors are concealed and equipped with fingerprint sensors for easy opening and closing.

As beauty is subjective, arranging your kitchenette to reflect your particular style is critical. However, being aware of current design trends can provide valuable insight into how to renew your space best. Fortunately, with exciting new kitchenette companies emerging and an abundance of unique design concepts and ingenious variations on classic appliance designs on display in cooking area showrooms nationwide, there is no shortage of on-trend looks and cutting-edge appliances to choose from.