Cabinets are the most visible elements in the kitchen. If you want to update your kitchen, modifying the kitchen cabinets is the preferable way of doing it. You can decide to install prefab or custom cabinets to give your kitchen an elegant look. If you are working with a shoestring budget, painting existing cabinets should be the best option. Here are three different ways of updating your kitchen cabinets.


Painting existing cabinets is the least expensive way of upgrading your kitchen. In a painting project, the most expensive component is labor. If you can do it yourself, you will save. However, professional painters have vast experience and are likely to deliver unprecedented results. If you opt for DIY, invest enough time in preparation work. Search the steps of painting kitchen cabinets on the internet and watch as many videos as possible to perfect your skills.

If you don't prepare cabinets thoroughly, the painting will look horrible within a month. If you don't do the necessary sanding, the paint will chip with a few days. Choose a light color that blends with your primer so that chips aren't easily identifiable. White is a classy and luminous color that appeals to a significant number of people. If you are looking to sell your house, white-colored cabinets will elevate your home's value.

Prefab Cabinets

Prefab cabinets are an excellent option to install quartz counters in your room with a limited budget. However, prefab cabinets are made of particleboard, making them less durable. The other disadvantage is that prefab cabinets do not offer custom sizes. Homeowners can hide the prefab giveaways such as end panels and baseboards with customized elements, such as including waterfall countertops to refrain from utilizing the company's endpieces. Another smart option is adding custom fronts to prefab boxes.

The essential thing is to get creative to achieve the elegant look you envision. Installing prefab cabinets is 30% less expensive compared to fully custom cabinets.

Going Custom

Customs cabinets are made according to your preferences. They are tailored to match your space, needs and style. It is imperative to note that going fully custom is the most expensive option. The option is recommended to people in their forever home. If you plan to stay in your current home for a year or two, customs cabinets may not be necessary.

Customs cabinets are designed in an effective way to limit wasted space and build in the things that people want nowadays. These things include recycling/pullout/ compost bins, utensil pullouts, a knife drawer with a childproof lock and key, pullout pantry units, an appliance garage or a microwave drawer. Additionally, people are now going for undercabinet lighting.

As you design your cabinets, think of how you utilize your kitchen. Do you need a one cook kitchen or a kitchen that can accommodate several cooks? Are you a frequent baker? Do you need space to store wines? Such considerations will determine a suitable design for your kitchen. Going custom is quite flexible; you can opt for any layout and color.