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Law on Overseas – PALM COAST, Fla. — Adam Weaver thought every thing ended up being set to create their Colombian fiancйe, Yesenia Meza, towards the united states of america.

August 2, 2019 Hot Ukrainian Brides

But Mr. Weaver did not depend on being hindered by a Congressional effort designed to protect females from prospective punishment by US males who look for brides off their countries on the net. In June, the federal immigration solution froze 10,000 visa applications for international fiancйes simply because they would not conform having a legislation that went into impact in March.

Mr. Weaver and Ms. Meza, have been hoping to be together here at this point, had been caught within the internet.

“Smuggling a lot of cocaine into this nation,” Mr. Weaver fumed, “is most likely easier than bringing your fiancйe”

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